Environmental responsibility is present in the Emepê Graphic

Gráfica Emepê is a company focused on environmental responsibility, seeking increasingly sustainable processes. With this article, you will get to know how we work together with the environment and society, in addition to presenting three tips on how to carry out practical actions in your company.

The discussion about sustainability must be inserted in both the family and personal daily life, as well as in the corporate. Thinking about strategies and actions that add to the care for the environment represents a new perspective for the consumer and an excellent opportunity for growth on the part of the market.

We are a printing industry concerned with the waste generated during the execution of our processes. Therefore, we have the printed material decharacterization process, that is, the material is sucked, decharacterized and stored in sealed buckets to be sent for recycling. The goal is to reuse, recycle and reduce.

In addition to this initiative, we promote actions with the community together with employees, always encouraging them to improve their sustainability techniques.

Emepê separated a list with three tips for other companies to rethink their actions for the environment. See below:

1 – Adopt environmental responsibility as a value

A company will only grow when it starts from the business value of having an environmental responsibility. In other words, encourage this awareness with employees and make informative materials about the importance of establishing sustainable goals for the planet.

2 – Seek certifications

Being a company that has environmental and management quality certifications allows for recognition and differential in the corporate market. Positive image of the organization, reference in efficiency, reach into new markets and great results are among the main benefits of these certificates.

3 – Make partnerships

Partnerships between suppliers and distributors are able to add a lot the brand of both companies to their respective consumers. Therefore, research and look for suppliers that already have environmental responsibility added to their brand.

Emepê Certifications

To prove our environmental responsibility, we are ISO 9001 and FSC certified. They indicate a qualified management model and the proper use of natural resources, respectively. Click here and get to know the details of our certificates.

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